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Trimble Business Center


Trimble® Business Center (TBC) survey CAD software helps surveyors and civil contractors prepare and deliver high-accuracy GNSS data, create CAD deliverables and leverage full data traceability throughout the project lifecycle.

Make better decisions, decrease costly mistakes and increase efficiency in the office and at the job site. Quickly and easily create accurate, integrated 3D constructible models for construction surveying and machine control.

Licensing on your terms

Subscription-based licensing plans provide lower upfront costs, access to more capabilities, the latest software updates and visibility into usage so you can scale your license based on your project demands.

Overview: Trimble Business Center

Trimble Business Center allows you to manage, process and create customer deliverables for all of your office survey tasks in one software package.


Integrate geospatial data and project workflows to deliver seamless, accurate and efficient results.

TBC Workflows
  • Site takeoff, quantity estimates and bid preparation

    Increase your bid success rate by swiftly generating precise takeoffs that integrate surfaces, site enhancements, and materials into a comprehensive report, simplifying quantity estimation.

  • Aerial photogrammetry

    Consolidate your aerial photogrammetry, survey, and construction data within a single software platform. TBC offers an efficient workflow, rapid adjustment capabilities, top-tier deliverables, and seamless UAV integration.

  • Construction layout and machine control models

    Streamline data preparation for construction stakeout, create 3D models to enhance machine efficiency, evaluate project advancement, and provide superior, as-built documentation efficiently.

  • Specialty construction workflows

    Efficiently develop, refine, and export drill and pile plans to achieve peak efficiency. Prepare dredge plans tailored for Trimble Marine Construction systems. Generate dynamic compaction plans and conduct thorough analyses comparing your plans with actual as-built drop results.

  • Advanced data processing

    Effortlessly handle extensive amounts of geospatial data using advanced processing tools tailored to manage highly intricate datasets. TBC employs robust calculations, including least squares adjustments, within its processing engine to ensure and uphold accuracy.

  • Point clouds

    In TBC, seamlessly integrate point cloud data from any origin with conventional survey measurements. Utilise automated features such as regional classification, density sampling, and feature extraction to meet stringent deliverable standards with precision.

  • Surfaces and Corridors

    Generate and distribute surface and parametric corridor models with multiple perspectives. Conduct accurate volume calculations, produce contour lines, generate cut/fill maps, and perform additional tasks with precision.

  • Specialty workflows

    TBC offers exclusive workflows tailored to address the challenges of survey and construction data collection, processing, and deliverables for various applications such as tunneling, monitoring, mobile mapping, quantity takeoffs, and machine control data preparation. It is ideal for field data adjustments and quality control checks, featuring basic survey CAD and model preparation tools.


TBC offers a range of value-added benefits to your team

TBC Benefits
  • Efficient Workflows

    TBC optimises your workflows, enabling faster and more efficient processing, analysis, and delivery of precise results.

  • Accurate, precise and traceable data

    Utilise precise tools and algorithms to guarantee the accuracy, reliability, and readiness of your data for various project applications. Implement corrections with complete data traceability, ensuring transparency from raw survey measurements to the final deliverables.

  • Collaborative Project Management

    Facilitate real-time collaboration and data sharing among your team members, enhancing communication and promoting efficient project management both in the office and on the jobsite.

  • Customisable Reporting

    Create tailored reports tailored to your project’s requirements. Utilise our adaptable reporting tools to present your data precisely as desired.

  • Survey adjustments

    TBC offers a variety of tools for processing control, executing traverse adjustments, and integrating multiple data sources such as GNSS, level, and total station measurements.

  • CAD capabilities

    TBC provides efficient CAD tools, including the CAD Command Line, personalised drafting templates, simplified selection tools, and the capability to view in 2D, 3D, and section formats.

  • Interoperability

    Establish connections with other top-tier software packages from ESRI, Autodesk, and Bentley through geodatabase connections, feature mapping, and CAD exports, minimising the time spent transitioning between platforms.

Why Choose Us?

We are the official Trimble Partner in Australia and New Zealand, offering you unparalleled local service and local support.

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Official Trimble Partner

As the official ANZ Trimble partner, we have a direct communication channels with the Trimble product  team

Local Support

For custom training or technical issue, our teams in Australia and New Zealand are available for premium support.

Localised Development

Our software development group in ANZ customise TBC for our region (including the ANZ Toolbox/Workflows)

Get your TBC subscriptions through us and get the TBC ANZ Toolbox plugin for FREE!

What our Customers say

“TBC is now the fundamental software in our business – SEE Group. We use it from tendering through to project close out across all divisions: Quarries, Urban and infrastructure with great success”

I became a user in 2011 when TBC was very much in its infancy, the utilisation of date for machines and also site Mass Haul was the key driver. Since then, TBC has constantly developed and is now the only software required to deliver projects. It is exciting to think where it will be in another few years as technology continues to develop.

“How TBC integrates our local geoid models, continually operating reference system (CORS), and multiple sources of precise phemeris data with only a few mouse movements make it an absolute must-have.”

Fundamentally, TBC has improved the way we make measurements. With field practices built to streamline TBC integration, we make measurements in a way that TBC understands. This minimises office work, isolates errors, identifies adjustment weaknesses and drastically improves our QA/QC procedures. This saves time on every single project.

“I like the functionality of TBC that allows the combination of Total Station, GNSS and Level Data together to create one cohesive dataset, whilst providing checks and balances o field work.”

Our organisation has benefited from the use of TBC and the survey work flows by combining multiple data sources across multiple field crews and ensuring that we are always working from the whole to the part. We have also benefited significantly from the ability to edit the field data attribution for cohesive stringing in the deliverables.

TBC Project Flow

Let us show you how Trimble Business Center can make your next project flow.

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