Introducing TBC subscriptions

What are the new subscription plans for Trimble Business Center?
The Trimble Business Center subscriptions are designed to easily start and scale while making more functionality accessible to users with simpler options and lower upfront costs. There are six subscription editions or plans to choose from – three core plans (think “good”, “better”, “best”) and three specialty plans focused on vertical applications. There are also three optional modules that focus on regionalized workflows and customers. The modules can be added to any plan. In addition, each subscription edition includes a Trimble Connect subscription to support data transfer workflows using Trimble Sync Manager and the new link between TBC and the T4D monitoring platform.

Three core plans:

  • Site + Field – is the entry point for surveyors who need a field-to-finish survey CAD software for traditional GNSS, Total Station and Digital Level based deliverables.
  • Survey + Mapping – adds to Site + Field for surveyors who embrace the latest technology and strive for a competitive edge. Create compelling deliverables from all traditional sensors as well as 3D point clouds and GIS data.
  • Enterprise – builds on Survey + Mapping for survey, engineering and construction professionals who need flexibility and scale for any project. The complete package to start and stay in Trimble Business Center.

Three specialty plans:

  • Aerial Survey – is the entry point for surveyors and remote pilots who create deliverables from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
  • Construction – for civil construction and earthworks professionals who generate machine control models, accurate quantity takeoff reports, digitized PDFs, and roadway cross-sections.
  • Mobile Mapping – for surveyors and mapping specialists who process data and generate deliverables from Trimble mobile mapping solutions to integrate with traditional survey sensors and export to other CAD packages.

Can the perpetual and subscription licenses be combined?
No, the license options are independent and features or licenses from one does not impact the other.

What is a named user?
A named user is a specific account, and therefore a person, who is granted access to an application or service. At Trimble, we utilize a unique Trimble Identity (TID) to identify named users. The subscription license is assigned to the Trimble ID, not a hardware serial number or software KeyID, as is the case with the perpetual license options. What are the main changes for single, named users? Subscription licenses are for unique named users. Each named user is assigned a license by their administrator, which cannot be shared with another user. Each named user must have their own unique Trimble identity (TID), which is used to associate and assign applications, services, and subscriptions from many different parts of Trimble. In summary, one person = one TID = one seat of a subscription license.
Named users will simplify the management process for larger companies:
– enabling them to assign software capabilities to individual skill sets (eg efficiency with roading or 3D scanning)
– field to office synchronization via SyncManager – send data to a person
– login authentication and cyber security needs. Named users with a unique Trimble ID will be essential to maintain data protection and cyber security.
Named users may change processes within smaller companies:
– Licenses are not passed to users with the hardware (eg: passing around a controller or dongle).
– Smaller companies will need to create Trimble ID’s for their users.
– Administrators can then reassign a license to a user as needed.

Is it possible to mix and match different Trimble Business Center subscription plans?
Yes, you can have a different number of plans within an organization and tailor the licenses to the capabilities of the staff. For example you could purchase 10x Survey + Mapping plans and 2x Aerial Survey plans, which can then be assigned to the person(s) with the necessary skill set or workflow requirement.

Are Trimble Business Center dongle licenses still available?
Yes, but for perpetual licenses only. Subscription licenses do not support dongles. And sorry, the TBC subscription licenses do not include the popular mini yellow cases that ship with the dongles!

Cancellation Policy
Credits or refunds are unavailable for portions of a subscription that are cancelled mid-term. Users may elect to cancel a subscription or simply not renew the subscription at the end of the term period.

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